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Super Absorbency Nonwoven Winged Underpads For Adults Baby Disposable Underpads

Super Absorbency Nonwoven Winged Underpads For Adults Baby Disposable Underpads

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Product Description

Underpads For Adultss Standard Feature:

1) Answers heavy absorbency needs with a non-polymer construction While maintaining patient comfort
2) Provides a moderate level of absorbency with a non-polymer fluff core
3) Spunbond nonwoven topsheet allows fluid to pass throngh quickly into the fluff core
4) Diamond-embossed pattern for pad stability and utilization
5) Strong water proof polyethylene backsheet protects against leakage
6) Super absorbent polymer added

7) Size:17" x24"(43X60cm), 23" x24"(60X60cm), 23" X36" (60X90cm), 30" X30"(75X75cm), 30" X36" (75X90cm)

Note: We provide customized size,color, weight, absorbency, and packing design.


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ANPA is proud to present our Super Absorbency Nonwoven Winged Underpads, the perfect solution for incontinence or postpartum care for adults and babies. Our disposable underpads are made with high-quality materials that absorb moisture quickly, keeping you dry and comfortable all day and night.


These underpads are winged to provide additional coverage to ensure they stay in position, even with active users. The wings are made with a nonwoven product that is soft and gentle on the skin, preventing any irritation or discomfort. The underpads are also fashioned with leak-proof edges which will prevent any leakage, making them safe to use even when you're on the go.


We know that postpartum or incontinence care is embarrassing and unpleasant to manage, which is why our Super Absorbency Nonwoven Winged Underpads are also highly discreet. The thin design makes them to be easily worn under clothing without any bulging or awkwardness. You can have the confidence to start your day without having to be concerned about any accidents.


It is versatile and can be used in a range of purposes, such as during diaper changes or even for pets. Also, it is a very good choice to those people who experience night sweats or hot flashes, as they effectively absorb the dampness and prevent any vexation.


Another excellent feature of this is their ease of use. You can easily dispose them after use, eliminating the requirement to for any cleaning or washing. They are individually wrapped, making them convenient to take in your bag wherever you go.


The ANPA’s Super Absorbency Nonwoven Winged Underpads are the ideal solution for anyone looking for a comfortable, discreet, and effective way to manage incontinence or postpartum care. They are a high-quality product with excellent absorbency that can provide you with the peace of mind you need to go on your day without worrying about any accidents. Choose ANPA for a high-quality product that will not let you down.


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