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Medical Disposable Bed Sheet Disposable Fitted Sheet

Medical Disposable Bed Sheet Disposable Fitted Sheet

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Brand: ANPA

Establishing the Medical Disposable Bed Sheet Disposable Fitted Sheet your solution that is ultimate when comes to comfortable, convenient and experience hygienic that is bedding! Bid farewell to the effort of washing and drying your bed sheets, and hey to a bedding and top-quality perfect that is economical hospitals, clinics, assisted facilities which can be living and household care settings.


The Medical Disposable Bed Sheet Disposable Fitted Sheet consists of top-quality, non-woven polypropylene product which can be lightweight, soft, and breathable. The product can also be resistant to rips, punctures, and fluid spills, which in turn causes that it is ideal for customers with incontinence problems or those recovering after surgery.


The fitted sheet is done insurance firms a base elasticized fits snugly of all centers that is standard is medical, making sure it remains set up despite having frequent client motions. The sheet is often quite easy to produce up and expel, rendering it perfect for busy care that is medical who would like a quick and choice efficient that is bedding.


Considered one of the greater reasons which can be good obtaining the Medical Disposable Bed Sheet Disposable Fitted Sheet is its features which are generally hygienic. The sheet was created to be disposable, meaning after each usage and alter it insurance firms a sheet fresh you will simply manage to discard it. This eliminates the likelihood of cross-contamination between clients and decreases the spread of infections and conditions.


No matter its advantages being hygienic the Medical Disposable Bed Sheet Disposable Fitted Sheet could additionally be economical. Utilizing this bedding choice, you shall not anymore have to spend money on high washing priced, bleach, and detergents.  You will save yourself some time that is right expenses being linked to washing and sleep drying.


The Medical Disposable Bed Sheet Disposable Fitted Sheet comes in a number of sizes and amounts for you individually which can be particular. You are had by us covered whether a sheet happens to be considered by you solitary a bulk pack. Our items are additionally sustained by means of a 100% satisfaction guarantee, to help you trust you are obtaining a quality choice this is certainly bedding.


Product Description

 Disposable Bed Sheet Feature:

1) Answers heavy absorbency needs with a non-polymer construction While maintaining patient comfort
2) Provides a moderate level of absorbency with a non-polymer fluff core
3) Spunbond nonwoven topsheet allows fluid to pass through quickly into the fluff core
4) Diamond-embossed pattern for pad stability and utilization
5) Strong waterproof polyethylene backsheet protects against leakage
6) Super absorbent polymer added

7) Size:17" x24"(43X60cm), 23" x24"(60X60cm), 23" X36" (60X90cm), 30" X30"(75X75cm), 30" X36" (75X90cm)

Note: We provide customized size,color, weight, absorbency, and packing design.



7-16 1-41

7-16 1-12












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