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Customized Waterproof Incontinence Bed Pad For men

Customized Waterproof Incontinence Bed Pad For men

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Product Description

Common Disposable Incontinence Pad For Mens Feature:

1) Answers heavy absorbency needs with a non-polymer construction While maintaining patient comfort
2) Provides a moderate level of absorbency with a non-polymer fluff core
3) Spunbond nonwoven topsheet allows fluid to pass through quickly into the fluff core
4) Diamond-embossed pattern for pad stability and utilization
5) Strong waterproof polyethylene backsheet protects against leakage
6) Super absorbent polymer added

7) Size:17" x24"(43X60cm), 23" x24"(60X60cm), 23" X36" (60X90cm), 30" X30"(75X75cm), 30" X36" (75X90cm)

Note: We provide customized size,color, weight, absorbency, and packing design.



Incontinence Pad For Men.jpg




Incontinence Pad For Men.jpg


ANPA's Customized Waterproof Incontinence Bed Pad is the perfect solution for men who suffer from incontinence. This innovative product is designed to keep your bed dry and comfortable, no matter how much you might leak during the night. Made from high-quality materials, this bed pad is both waterproof and breathable, making it ideal for use throughout the year. 


You can leave behind the embarrassment and discomfort of incontinence. The product is specifically designed to simply help males manage their incontinence, with a range of customizable choices to ensure you have the fit is right level of protection for your requirements. This bed pad has you covered whether you're enduring mild or severe incontinence. 


One associated with the key features is its level is most of. Produced from a blend of super-absorbent materials, this bed pad can hold as much as 10 cups of liquid, rendering it ideal for even the heaviest leaks. Plus, with a backing is waterproof leak-proof edges, you may be sure that the bed will always be dry and comfortable all night long. 


Another feature is its customizable size. We understand that every individual's body is significantly diffent, we offer a range of sizes to ensure you get the fit is right your needs. Plus, with the option to incorporate extra layers for increased absorbency, you can tailor this product to your requirements to be exact. 


Therefore, why choose ANPA's Customized Waterproof Incontinence Bed Pad? Firstly, this product is made from top-notch materials being built to last. With care, it may stand up to repeated washing and use without losing its absorbency or waterproofing. Secondly, ANPA's item was created with the individual in mind, with a variety of customizable choices to make sure that it meets your needs being individual. Finally, with ANPA's commitment to consumer satisfaction, you will be sure that you are going to receive a product that's reliable, effective, and easy to use. 


ANPA's Customized Waterproof Incontinence Bed Pad is the perfect solutions for men who suffers from incontinence. Whether you're looking for an easy-to-use and discreet product to help manage your conditions during the night, or you're looking for reliable and effective bed pads that can keep your bed dry and comfortable, ANPA's product is the perfect choice. So why wait? Try it today and experience the difference it can make to your life. 



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