Do fumigation beds need disposable mattresses?

However, at present, some places are unable to support the cost of disposable mattresses. They will choose to wipe and disinfect the fumigation bed with alcohol after the use of the fumigation bed is completed. If possible, they will also use a disinfection lamp. Of course, this is also a good cleaning and disinfection method, which is more time-consuming and laborious compared with the operation, but the cost required will be reduced in the long run.

Therefore, in summary, whether the fumigation bed needs to prepare a disposable mattress should be analyzed and considered in combination with the use place, cost and other factors, so as to make the most appropriate choice. However, in any case, we need to pay strict attention to that every time the fumigation bed is used, we should ensure that the cleaning and sterilization work is fully completed, so as to ensure the safety of users and the sanitation of equipment. Strict cleaning is the basic guarantee for the long-term good development of the fumigation bed, which is something we can never ignore.