What is the single for disposable medical use

The disposable medical medium sheet is made of high-quality non-woven fabric, soft and skin friendly, with good air permeability. The disposable medical medium sheet can effectively resist static electricity, isolate bacteria, and is safe, hygienic and convenient to use. Disposable medical sheets are often used as consumables in the medical industry. Most of them are used as bedding during clinical medical examination, which can avoid blood stains and other stains on the sheets. At the same time, they have good anti leakage performance.

Disposable medical middle order
The main purpose of disposable medical consumables is to prevent cross infection during operation, isolate liquid and prevent penetration, and protect medical equipment and operating table from being affected. Based on the superior performance of disposable medical single, many people find that disposable medical single can not only be used in the medical industry, but also play an important role in many other industries.

What are the uses of disposable medical bills?
1. Beauty, pedicure, massage, sauna, bath and other equipment in different occasions of contact with people.
2. Please prevent cross infection when the bed surface is not clean in hotels and guesthouses.
3. All kinds of hospital departments and gynaecological examinations are used as disposable medical middle orders.
4. The patient's bed, the elderly, women's menstruation, postpartum and other aspects can be used as a disposable urine pad to protect leakage.
5. It can be used as a pet mat.
It can be seen that the scope of use of disposable medical single is very wide, which can play its own characteristics in many different environments and is reasonably applied by people.

Precautions for single use in disposable medical use
1. First of all, the disposable medical products are vacuum packed. If the packaging is damaged before use, contact the manufacturer instead of using them directly.
2. As a disposable product, it cannot be reused and should be destroyed after use.
3. There are production date and expiry date on the package. If it exceeds this range, it cannot be used any more.
4. During transportation, pay attention to avoid heavy pressure, rain and sunshine, and handle with care during loading and unloading.
5. If there are long-term bedridden patients at home, they should also change frequently to avoid bedsores.